MOTHER EARTH NEWS October/November 2017

By Staff
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Brewing Beer: The Basics
You can brew and bottle your own beer with four ingredients by following four steps.

Small Farm, Big Profit
This inspiring half-acre urban farm in Oregon is proving that size doesn’t matter when it comes to profitability.

Things to Consider When Buying a Tractor
A closer look at your farm and acreage is the first step when considering a new — or new-to-you — tractor.

Herbal Heart Tonics
Incorporate these five delicious herbs into your daily routine to strengthen and gladden your heart.

Craft Your Own Coonskin Cap
Turn a raccoon hide into a warm and hardy hat.

Savory, Satisfying Venison Recipes
Learn the quirks of cooking with venison and use it in these flavorful preparations.

Solar-Powered Pumps
Pump water using the power of the sun.


News from MOTHER
A gathering of seed savers.

Dear MOTHER: October/November 2017
Letters from our readers about aging gardeners, resilience in the face of natural disaster, and more.

Green Gazette
Updates on states’ roles in renewable energy policy, the Falling Fruit digital map for foragers, and more.

Firsthand Reports: Communications on a Saskatchewan Homestead
Two remote homesteaders try a variety of off-grid communication methods to reach out to society.

MOTHER’s product picks, including garden cloches, DIY cheese kits, industrial work shoes, and more.

Ask Our Experts
Learn how to care for your outdoor mousers.

Homestead Hacks
Readers share their projects and tips for the homestead — this issue, an idea for building the perfect woodstove fire.

The Pitchfork Pulpit: Preserving Produce
Putting up the garden bounty at Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farms is a family affair.

Country Lore: Readers’ Tips to Live By
Readers’ tips on upcycling old fence boards, dehydrating tomatoes, germinating carrots, controlling weeds, and more.

Photos from the Field
Share your photos of MOTHER EARTH NEWS topics by joining our community Flickr page.

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