Creamed Thistle Greens Recipe

This Creamed Thistle Greens Recipe uses wild edible thistle to create this satisfying dish.

| May/June 1971

Learn about this Creamed Thistle Greens Recipe and how you can use this free wild food in a nutritious, delicious recipe.

Creamed Thistle Greens Recipe

Chop and boil about six thistles until the water has absorbed most of the juice from the plants. As they're boiling, add water as needed until you have two quarts of very dark green juice or soup stock. Remove the plant parts and set aside for use as creamed greens. Chop or blend the cooked thistle until it is as fine as puree. Place in a saucepan over a slow fire, add three tablespoons butter or bacon grease and add one or two small onions, tops and all. Stir in 2 1/2 tablespoons of cattail or wheat flour and add one cup of milk or milk substitute. Stir and cook until all the ingredients are well blended. Crumble in some crisp bacon if you have it and serve.

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