Cooking with the Sun with a Solavore Sport-Sun Oven

| 4/28/2017 9:23:00 AM

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Whether you’re a homesteader, farmer, eco-minded urbanite or prepper, the Solavore Sport sun oven can cook your meals without a cent of purchased electricity or natural gas.

While sun ovens have been around for years, perhaps it comes as no surprise that there are several commercially-made units now on the market.  Generally speaking, sun ovens use the sunlight to heat up an insulated box that’s capable of cooking or baking your food with no electricity or natural gas appliance needed.  They’re ideal self-reliance tools, perfect for homesteaders no matter where you live or at what scale your operations.

We got our hands on an American-made, Solavore Sport sun oven to test out on sunny and partially sunny days in Wisconsin, in April. It’s quick to set up, which means pointing the oven in the direction of the sun and adding whatever it is you want to bake or cook. Heat is trapped in the black cooking box area, held there by with 1-inch thick, reflective, high-density foam insulation on the sides and bottom – plus a tightly fitting double insulated lid.

With the maximum temperature of 300-degrees, using the Solavore Sport sun oven is best understood for those who regularly use a slow cooker, like we do. The Solavore Sport sun oven cooks at lower temperatures, over longer time periods. A benefit with this lower, more consistent heat and the insulating properties of the oven itself is that the likelihood of food burning -- or getting dried out -- is greatly diminished. Plus, slow cooking enhances flavors and may help preserve more nutrition.

If you like to put a meal together in the morning for a dinner in the evening, this oven fits the bill perfectly, especially with its larger, rectangular 9-1/4-inch by 17-1/2-inch cooking floor, capable of cooking with two 3.4-quart pots at the same time or a standard 9-inch by 13-inch Pyrex pan often used for casseroles. Cooking with the two pots, you can make a main course and soup or a dessert at the same time.

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