Chipotle Becomes First U.S. Chain to Voluntarily Label GMOs

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Photo by Fotolia/Balint Radu
Chipotle, a fast food chain restaurant, took the initiative in labeling GMOs on its menu items.

Chipotle Mexican Grill set the precedent for U.S. fast-food chains by labeling menu items containing GMOs. While Whole Foods and other grocers intend on treading similar grounds, implementation could be as delayed as 2018; Chipotle, on the other hand, already launched the labeling initiative June 17.

With 1,400 locations, Chipotle always marketed itself as a ‘natural’ restaurant within the fast food dynasty of restaurant chains, promoting its naturally-raised meat and use of local produce to distance itself from Taco Bell and McDonald’s. “In other words, we’re talking about a major fast food chain that is highlighting the issue of GMOs in a way that’s really important,” writes Nation of Change.

On its “Ingredients Statement” online, Chipotle individually outlines its food products containing GMOs, which includes all tortillas, rice, and all meat varieties, save pork carnitas. Additionally, reliable sources for corn and soybeans not containing GMOs are said to be nearly impossible to find. Chipotle’s executives agree that the GMO presence on the menu is distressing, and have officially announced eventually phasing out all GMOs. (The chain already made some steps in removing additives in dairy and other items.)

Nation of Change writes, “Overall the announcement is one of the many results we are seeing through spreading the word about Monsanto and GMOs, partaking in key activism movements, and deciding to purchase GMO-free organic foods.”

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