Boiled Thistle Recipe

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This Boiled Thistle Recipe is made using edible food from the wild.

Learn about this Boiled Thistle Recipe and how you can use this free wild food in a nutritious, delicious recipe.

Boiled Thistle Recipe

Bull and Canadian Thistles spring up here in amazing
profusion. I try to get young thistles when they’re less than six inches
tall and cutting the plants involves some skillful
manipulation or the wearing of leather gloves. Sometimes a
bunch of thistles will seem to be alive the way they
porcupine around to stab you when you’re not watching and I
place mine in a bag or box for carrying.

I boil the chopped plants until their thorns are soft and
salt and serve them when the thistles are well cooked. The
first time you try eating the plant this way you’ll feel like
Superman when you nonchalantly chomp down what — a few
minutes before — was a stabbing mess of needle-sharp
thorns. Thistles also make good creamed or wilted greens but,
because of the broth-like consistency they give to water, I
feel they make the best soup of any green plant.

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