Birch Beer Recipe

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Use birch tree twigs to make this Birch Beer Recipe.

Learn how to make this Birch Beer Recipe using food foraged from the wild.

Birch Beer Recipe

Here is a recipe for birch beer that I got out of an old cookbook. I haven’t tried it but it’s enough like one in Euell Gibbon’s book, Stalking The Wild Asparagus, to reassure me.

  • Place four quarts of black birch twigs cut into small pieces in the bottom of a five gallon crock.
  • Add eight pounds of brown sugar to four gallons of water in a large kettle.
  • Stir until the sugar dissolves, heat to boiling, boil for ten minutes and pour the bubbling mixture over the chopped birch twigs in the crock.
  • Stir in one cake of yeast dissolved in a half cup of warm water.
  • Cover and let it work for ten days, or until the cloudiness is gone.
  • Bottle and cap tightly. It’s ready to serve immediately. Chill before serving.

Caution: This is an alcoholic drink and some hemlock needle tea might taste good the next morning.

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