Grind Your Own Flour With a Bike-Powered Grain Mill

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Photo by Pixabay/ulleo

Baking and cooking with freshly ground grains is a guarantee that you’ll enjoy more flavorful and more healthful food. You may be surprised by how much of a difference you’ll notice in the flavor and texture in a loaf of bread made with flour ground in a grain mill just before baking as opposed to a loaf made with store-bought flour. (Find out more about the health and flavor of fresh flour, plus a wonderful homemade whole-grain recipe, in Homemade Bread: You Have to Try This Amazing Recipe.)

We have found a more efficient and incredibly fun way to grind grains into wholesome flours and meals — with a bike-powered grain mill. The folks at GrainMaker have created a bike kit for a number of their grain mills. We keep one here at the magazine’s office, and I’ve been taking a quick 20 or 30 minute spin about once a week to have fresh whole-wheat flour for weekend bread-baking and tasty whole-grain cornmeal for breads, grits or polenta. 

We thought you’d like to see the bike-powered grain mill in action, so we shot this little video to give you an idea of how to combine fun, exercise and real food all into one two-wheeled package. Here, I am using the bike-powered grain mill to grind ‘Floriani’ grain corn into a delightful cornmeal to make a memorable dinner. 

Video taken by Jason Cole 

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