Best Butter Churns: Recommendations Wanted

Reader Contribution by Staff

<p>Do you use a butter churn (electric or hand churn) to make fresh butter at home? We’d like to know what model you use and how you like it. Please post your reports in the <a href=”” target=”_self”>comments section</a> below.</p>
<p>I have enjoyed using Lehman’s <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>Best Butter Churn</a>, which is a hand-cranking churn based on the old-fashioned ‘Dazey’ churns you might be able to find at flea markets or on <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Ebay</a>. It’s best for larger quantities of cream (up to 4 quarts). To watch the Dazey style of churn in action, check out this video:</p>
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