What is an OMRI Listing?

Reader Contribution by Mike Lieberman

Organic is a phrase that’s tossed around and abused a lot by marketers these days.

Not all “organic” products should be treated equally.

This is especially true when it comes to gardening. There are plenty of products out there claiming to be the “best” for organic gardening.

“It seems as if every chemical company has a set of organic products they are convincing you to buy,” said Justin Emig, Associate Brand Manager for Safer Brand, a company that produces organic pesticides.

It makes it difficult to know which products are truly organic and able to cure your problem without leaving potentially harmful residues.

That is where the OMRI® (Organic Materials Review Institute) listing comes into play.

OMRI® tests the raw materials used in product production, the production process and facility and the end result, among other tests to validate if the product meets their strict standards, needed to wear the OMRI® Listed seal.

The same way that you’d look for the USDA Certified Organic label on your food, you should look for the OMRI® listing on your organic chemicals.

Safer Brand has over 50 items with the OMRI® listing, including their organic insect control products. The next closest company has 6.

The next time you are looking to get rid of those pests and insects, you can look for and rely on the OMRI® seal.