Spring 2018 Featured Vegetable Seeds

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Each spring brings the anticipation of a new gardening season—and the promise of a bountiful crop of new vegetable varieties to grow in the garden. Spring 2018 is no different, with lots of new vegetable varieties and seed collections to entice new and experienced gardeners alike.

Seed catalogs and websites are always looking to make each spring season a better growing experience than the last, whether it be growing bigger harvest, giving a garden classic a new twist, or designing new growing containers to take your garden to the next level.

There will be tons of new seeds on the online shelves this season, but a few truly stand out from the rest, and are sure to be this season’s biggest hits.

Park’s Legacy Tomato Seeds

This season, Park Seed Company is celebrating 150 years of selling seeds. To mark this occasion, the company has released Park’s Legacy Tomato Seeds, boasting its unbeatable flavor while being easy to care for. The seed will produce round 10-12 ounce ruby-red tomatoes, and is superb disease resistance, making your job of growing them that much easier.


Atlas Hybrid Tomato Seeds

Beefsteak tomatoes have always been a popular choice for backyard gardens, but unfortunately have always grown too large for anyone who may not have the backyard space. Now, there is Burpee’s new Beefsteak Hybrid Tomato, designed to grow in smaller spaces such as porches or patios. The seeds are designed to produce a more compacted tomato plant, so that anyone can now grow them without worrying about having the space.


Gateway Hybrid Cucumber Seeds

Park Seed Company loves their new Gateway Hybrid Cucumber seeds so much, they’ve featured it alongside their anniversary legacy tomatoes! The seeds are designed to withstand almost any disease, including downy mildew, powdery mildew, target leaf spot, angular leaf spot, and zucchini yellow mosaic virus.


Blue Belle Potatoes

A mid-season potato, the Blue Belle from Irish Eyes Garden Seeds an unusual variety with a wide range of wonderful culinary uses. No matter how you eat it – roasted, boiled, baked, or mashed – this potato will always taste amazing, and will become a staple in your garden, as well as in your kitchen. Every order of Blue Bell Potato seeds comes with a free recipe book filled with colorful photos and delicious French-inspired recipes by chef Jason Bayes including Blue Belle Millefeuille and Blue Belle Flower.


Whopper II Hybrid Bell Pepper Seeds

A garden favorite for many years, Park’s Whopper II Hybrid Bell Pepper returns with better disease resistance, higher yields, and even more delicious fruit. This giant summer-season bell measure 4 inches cross and 4 inches long, with very thick walls and a sweet, juicy and tender flavor perfect that is great for raw or cooked eating. As the peppers mature, they turn from bright green to red—and the flavor sweetens further still.


Landreth Vegetable Seed Collection

The oldest seed house in America, D. Landreth Seed Company, offers a historic collection of seeds this season. The seed collection is based around varieties of vegetables that have thrived in American gardens for decades upon decades, and is packaged in original historic packets that can be considered collectible works-of-art, having come straight from the historical archives of Landreth’s Seed Company.


CowPots Biodegradable Seed-Starting Pots

CowPots, the biodegradable seed-starting pots, can help you start your garden this year on an eco-friendly foot. The pots re 100 percent natural and biodegradable, made from composted cow manure. The true beauty of CowPots is their ability to eliminate transplant, since the entire pot can be planted in the ground, where the pot decomposes as it provides nutrients for the plant.

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