Specialty Fruit Varieties for Small Orchards

John Vivian lists a number of specialty fruit varieties for small orchards, including apples, pears and stone fruits.

| October/November 1996

These specialty fruit varieties are ideal choices for small orchards. 

Specialty Fruit Varieties for Small Orchards

We all know of McIntosh apples, Bartlett pears, and Elberta peaches. Following is a selection of new or little-publicized apple varieties for all climates, plus a selection of (normally sub-zero-winter-intolerant) pears and stone fruit for the north country.


Adina (Stark Brothers Nursery). A high-quality, low-chill apple from subtropical Australia that will produce from zone 6 to 9—Midwest south to Brownsville, Texas, or St. Petersburg, Florida. Ripens August.

Empire combines the color and tang of Macs with the sweetness of Red Delicious. Widely adapted; produces from zone 4 through 7, from Maine to the Carolinas, from Minnesota to Texas and Florida.

Enterprise is a late (October) red apple that is also good into zone 7. Best in overall quality of the new disease-resistant apples from Purdue U. Resists rust and blight.

New Zealand Apples

Gala. An elegant apple with the semi-heart shape, mealy texture, and low acid of Red Delicious, but with a dramatic yellow/red flame-striped skin, golden flesh, and a special tang.

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