Simple Reasons to Start Growing Your Own Food

Reader Contribution by Mike Lieberman

When people ask why they should grow their own food, the answer that I give is often simple. I tell them, “It’s because we are humans.” 

It’s not until the past 100 or so year that we have lost our connection with food and started to rely on others to provide it for us. 

Food Is Community

Look back at ancient history and you’ll see that civilizations were built upon being able to grow food. It was also built on the community that revolved around it as well from planting, taking care of to harvesting, preparing and sharing it.

In the past 100-1550 years, we’re so far removed from everything related to our food that we have skipped right to the eating part. We don’t realize that food is more than sitting down at a table and eating the meal. Nearly all of the responsibilities pertaining to getting the food on our tables lie with people we don’t even know.

Who is responsible for our food?

We have no clue as when it comes to where our food comes from and what happened before it got to our plates. Did you ever wonder who these people responsible for your food are and if they have your best interest in mind? This is why I have started to grow my own food.

Most people take for granted that we don’t have to rely on our own crops to survive. If a plant gets infested with insects or dies, we can just go to the store. In growing my own, I now understand what it takes to grow food and appreciate it much more.

This is reason enough for me as to why we should grow our own food. It’s why I started apartment vegetable gardening. 

Grow one herb or vegetable

There is no need to have a huge garden with tons of plants. Grow just one herb or vegetable and it will make a difference.

It will help the planet by reducing your carbon footprint because on average food travels 1500 miles from farm to plate.

Growing your own will also open your eyes to what it takes to take care of, cultivate and grow food. That will bring you closer to it and allow you to appreciate it even more when you finally get to eat it.

These are all reasons why I started to grow my own food and why I believe that you should as well.

Now start growing your own food. What are you waiting for?