Sharing the Love With Community Gardening

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Do you want to grow your own food but are plagued by a shady yard, or even no sunny windows in a fifteen-story apartment building? Now is the perfect time to start investigating community gardens in your area, so you can be sure and get on the waiting list or prevent any missed advance sign-up opportunities. Plus, if there aren’t any community gardens available for you, you can have plenty of time to get one started!

One added benefit, beyond the satisfaction of growing your own food and the health benefits of working outside and eating freshly harvested fruits and veggies, lies in the “community” aspect of this type of gardening. For newbie gardeners, this is especially helpful, because there is no better gardening reference than fielding your questions with experienced growers in your own neck of the woods. For those of you who have spent several seasons putting seeds in the ground and harvesting the fruits of your labors, sharing your skills with a rapt listener and learner can be pleasantly addictive. What better friends can you ask for than ones who also think weeding carrots is their idea of a good time on Friday night?

You can locate a community garden near you by searching with the American Community Gardening Association.

If you can’t find a shared gardening space but are interested in getting one going, try these helpful guides for starting a community garden.

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