Seed Starting Video and Tips

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<p>Have you started your tomatoes and peppers yet? ‘Tis the season to
start seeding long season crops indoors. If you normally buy organic
starts from your local nursery, try your hand at seed starting. It’s so
much more economical and you get to select from such a range of unique
<p>Here’s a video of our company co-owner, Tricia, showing you how to start seeds.<object height=”385″ width=”480″>
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<p>Ready for more? We gathered all our videos and articles about <a target=”.” href=””>vegetable seeds, seed selection, seed starting & seedling care</a>. Whether you’re brand new to seed starting, or an experienced vegetable gardener, we have useful information for you. </p>
<p> We want to make organic gardening easy and accessible to everyone, so <strong>we film a short video every week</strong> and e-mail it, along with a special discount offers, in our weekly newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter at <a href=”” title=””></a>. Visit our<a href=””> Organic Gardening Resource Center</a> to browse all our archived videos & articles.</p>
<p>Here at Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply (online as <a href=””></a>) we’ve been supporting organic farmers and gardeners since 1976, and we believe <a href=””>organic seeds</a> are a sound basis for an organic garden.</p>

Organic farmers are <em>required</em> to use organic seeds if available, and home gardeners want to use organic seeds for three reasons:<br />
1. the seeds grew in fields without synthetic pesticides (non-organic
seed is exposed to even more pesticides because they sit in the field
much longer than food crops), <br />
they were grown with organic methods and respond well to conditions in an organic home garden, <br />
supporting organic seed farmers gives vitality to the organic seed supply.</p>

All our vegetable and herb seeds are certified organic, with many
heirloom varieties. We carry over 1700 kinds of seeds, including <a href=””>cover crops</a>, and open pollinated flowers. Worried about GMO’s? We signed the Safe Seed Pledge and our seeds are all non-GMO! </p>
<p>Our Seed Catalog is full of details about our vegetable and flower
seeds — and Tricia gives her organic gardening advice and tells you her
favorite products for organic growing. Download a PDF of our <a href=””>Seed Catalog</a> here.</p>
<p>We have the whole array of seed starting equipment, from a device to
make Soil Blockers, to Speedling trays, and even a wooden form around
which you wrap newspaper to make tiny pots. Find everything at our
online store <a href=””></a>. </p>

We give you<a href=””> 2 free seed packs</a> for every order over $50, and <a href=””>5 free seed packs</a>
for orders over $100. Live far away from our home base in Northern
California? We can ship up to a 40 lb. box to you for a flat rate of
$7.99. </p>
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