The Seed Saving Guide

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The Seed Saving Guide

The simple act of saving seeds carries forward centuries of work by humans to cultivate plants that sustain and inspire us.

By Micaela Colley & Jared Zystro

The Seed Garden (Seed Savers Exchange, 2015) by Micaela Colley & Jared Zystro and edited by Lee Buttala & Shanyn Siegel brings together decades of research and hands-on experience to teach both novice gardeners and seasoned horticulturists how to save the seeds of their favorite vegetable varieties.

You can purchase this book from the MOTHER EARTH NEWS store: The Seed Garden.

Insect Pollinators are
Essential for Seed Saving
Hand-Pollination of Squash  Hand-Pollination of Corn
Vernalizing Biennials in Storage Vernalization Basics Saving Celery and Celeriac Seeds
Saving Onion and Shallot Seeds Saving Seeds from Cole Crops Saving Pepper Seeds
Saving Seeds from Pumpkins,
Squash and Gourds
Growing Sweet Potatoes from Slips Saving Common Bean Seeds
Saving Eggplant Seeds Saving Seeds from Sweet Corn Saving Carrot Seeds