Protect Melons from Voles and Other Critters

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Photo by arinahabich/Fotolia
Raise your melon fruits off the ground by just a few inches to protect them from melon-hungry critters.

A few years ago, I was growing muskmelons in my garden. Before they ripened, however, I discovered that mice or voles had chewed through the rinds on their undersides and ruined the melon plants. The following year, I set each young melon atop a recycled plastic container.

I used yogurt and sour cream containers, as well as small, plastic plant containers from garden centers. I trimmed the containers down to about 3 inches tall so the melons could easily balance on top. Simply raising the melons a few inches off the ground protected every single one, and I had a much more successful harvest!

Julie Humiston
Medina, Minnesota