Get Free Plant Information Online

One of the world’s largest collections of botanical and horticultural databases, Plant Information Online, has recently made their extensive resources available for free. With bibliographic information from nearly 30 years of botanical and horticultural publications, this database offered by the University of Minnesota Libraries is a treasure-trove for amateur plant lovers as well as professional green thumbs. You can search by common or scientific plant name to find images and data for more than 100,000 wild and cultivated plants, as well as more than 950 wholesale and retail seed sources. Plant Information Online is updated daily, and has recently added an ever-expanding collection of links to expert advice for growing more than 8,000 different plants in specific regions and growing conditions. They even provide links to a number of sites devoted solely to taxonomy, to help guide your search. Whether your goal is to find specific rose varieties or identify the mysterious flowering beauty in your back yard, Plant Information Online is bound to help.

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