The 2018 Organic Seed Grower’s Conference

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Organic Seed Alliance’s Growers Conference is almost here! Seed-lovers from all around the country will be gathering February 14 through 17 in Corvallis, Oregon to discuss and expand their knowledge on a wide range of organic agriculture topics.

This year’s theme – Synergy that Sustains – puts the focus of this year’s conference on the need for developing networks for research, education, and advocacy, while exploring the many diverse approaches to advancing the knowledge and research of organic seed systems.

Over the course of four days, those passionate about furthering their organic gardening and planting practices and expanding their knowledge will be attending in-depth workshops delivered by over 70 professional speakers.

Workshop topics vary, from organic plant breeding to organic seed production, even covering advocacy issues and big-picture discussions on the future of organic agriculture. Each day is a new workshop that spans the entire day, with one event lasting all day Friday and Saturday. This year’s conference keynote speaker is Oregon’s own Congressman Peter DeFazio, who is himself passionate about the protection of the environment. He will be speaking during Saturday’s all-day workshop.

Learn from professionals and others deeply concerned and interested in organic planting, and its future on our farms and around the world. Get connected with others and hear their stories of trial and error, failure and success.

The Organic Seed Growers Conference is a great networking opportunity to get in touch with professionals and home gardeners alike to swap planting tips and hacks, or even have a friendly debate about your favorite seed varieties. This year’s new conference addition, Synergy Space, is a participant-driven gathering outside of the workshops.

One of the largest draws of this conference is their Trade Show. It’s your chance to meet and support organic farmers from around the country while contributing to the future of organic planting by purchasing and growing your own organic seeds. Friday and Saturday evening, you can grab some of your own organic seeds for growing at home, and get a few ideas on how to implement organic practices in your own garden by speaking with organic farmers about their methods of gardening.

Registration ends Saturday, February 10, and spots for each workshop are filling up fast. Go to their conference web page to register now!

Don’t miss the chance to partake in one of the largest gatherings of organic growers in the country, and boost your knowledge on how you can make a difference in the future of organic agriculture.

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Success at the 2018 Organic Seed Grower’s Conference

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