My 6 Tips for Starting Beekeeping

| 7/31/2012 2:39:13 PM

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1. Enjoy a Taster Day 

I was seven weeks into my ten week beekeeping course when my tutor said that some people will go through these fantastically informative courses, open up a beehive for the first time and realize they cannot stand bees.

For that reason I would recommend these one day courses which involve a little bit of theory and generally involve seeing a working beehive. You will get to put on the rather attractive looking beesuit, see a smoker at work and probably get to handle some bees. This way you can work out if you actually enjoy this hobby before embarking on a full blown training course. A great way to build up some enthusiasm

You can find out about Taster Days online at a local State Beekeeping Organisation or on the website of the Beekeeping magazine Beeculture ( There are similar worldwide sites should you be interested. 

2. Join a Local Beekeeping Association 

If you have enjoyed the Taster Day it will be very worthwhile joining your local beekeeping association. Indeed you may have found that the Taster Day was run by them in the first place. For a nominal fee you will find some fantastic advantages in doing this. Firstly there will very likely be other beginners joining but also associations generally have their own apiary where they will hold weekly meetings and social events.

You will also find that as part of your membership insurance will be provided. Yes, sadly beekeepers do have to insure themselves just in case their bees sting someone but it does also protect you against some of the losses you may have incurred should you bees die because of certain diseases like American Foul Brood.

You can find your local association at or - both should help out.

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