The Earthway Manual Seed Planter Makes Planting Crops a Breeze

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Photo: Courtesy Earthway
The human-powered Earthway seed planter does several jobs in one.

The Earthway manual seed planter easily adds seed to the soil as you walk along the crop rows.

Years ago, many of the farming families had small push manual seed planters to use in the garden. Do you have any idea who makes these today, or is this something that has gone away?

Boyce Howell
Rogers, Arkansas

Earthway still makes a nifty seed planter that furrows, plants, covers the seeds and marks the next row, all in one pass. It comes with six seed plates for planting corn, peas, beans, carrots, beets and radishes. Five optional plates are available for other crops.

The Earthway seeder is available from hardware stores or by mail from Johnny’s Selected Seeds (Albion, ME; ). The cost at our local hardware store was $64. For a distributor near you, contact Earthway at

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