We Dig the HERS Shovel From Green Heron Tools

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Photo Courtesy Green Heron Tools
The HERS Shovel comes in three sizes to ensure the best fit for your height.

If you’re a female gardener who finds the average shovel just a little too large and awkward, you’ll appreciate the innovative HERS shovel-spade hybrid made by Green Heron Tools. This Pennsylvania-based company specializes in ergonomic tools for women, and offers a range of implements?—?from wheel hoes to hand plows?—?made to work well for those with smaller frames. 

The shovel comes in three sizes, with recommendations on which to order based on your height. It’s also designed to take full advantage of your leg muscles, with an angle and enlarged step on the blade so you don’t have to rely as heavily on your upper-body strength. This tool is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to work into the ground. At $65, it’s not cheap, but it may be one of the most worthwhile garden tools you ever buy. Check it out online at Green Heron Tools.

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