Best in the Northeast: Super Sweet 100 and Juliet Tomatoes

Super Sweet 100 and Juliet Tomatoes are known for valor under duress in the blight-prone Northeast region.

| February/March 2010

“We got late blight and lost many plants.” This was a familiar refrain among comments from the blight-stricken New England and Maritime Canada region, but we also received reports of ‘Juliet’ and ‘Super Sweet 100’ putting up valiant fights. As for late blight, a couple of respondents suggested prayer and patience, noting that enough cool rain will melt down the finest tomato.

Slicer Tomatoes

1. ‘Brandywine’
2. ‘Early Girl’
3. ‘Beefsteak’

Also: ‘Big Boy,’ ‘Celebrity,’ ‘Cherokee Purple’

Cherry Tomatoes

1. ‘Sungold’
2. ‘Super Sweet 100’
3. ‘Black Cherry’

Also: ‘Gold Nugget’


1. ‘Roma’
2. ‘Amish Paste’
3. ‘San Marzano’

8/14/2017 9:03:35 AM

here in Massachusetts i have great luck with -super sweet 100--mntn magic--mr. stripey--early girl-- and big boy --terrible luck with branywines.

Ed Zyskowski
5/21/2011 9:24:08 AM

Remember "Legend" when you consider blight. I'm not a fan of chemicals but I've used "Serenade" with good results. It's getting very hard to grow good "Toms" here in Vestal as we've been getting lots of rain and the conditions are right for numerous tomatoe problems. My next step may be a greenhouse.

1/21/2010 11:28:23 AM

I had great luck with the Super Sweet 100's last summer- no blight at all. I started with two organic seedlings and at the height of the harvest was getting 30 or so tomatoes a day.

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