Growing Garlic Scapes

| April/May 2005

When selecting a variety of garlic to grow for cooking scapes (flowering garlic stems), it's best to stick to those proven to do well in your particular area. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has identified only 10 major garlic cultivars based on genetic analysis of the 400 garlics in its collection, so the field is more narrow than it may seem from reading seed catalogs. The scapes of 'Chesnok' and 'Purple Italian Easy Peel' garlic are considered excellent for cooking. Check with your local agricultural Extension office to see if these varieties do well in your area.
6/10/2006 12:00:00 AM

How do you pickle garlic scapes? I'd be interested in recipes that have been tried successfully.

Gaeatane Godin
5/3/2006 12:00:00 AM

Regarding garlic "scapes", I guess you are talking about rocambole garlic. Am I right?Then is there somebody who could tell me the name of those 10 cultivars. I live in North East Coast of Canada(New Brunswick province) and I have been growing one single cultivars for many years, with great success. The peels are purpish color, they are excellent, and last year, I picked them at the very best time in August and they were still juicy in January.By the way, if somebody would like to buy somme seeds from me, I would gladly consider the possibility. As I am a recent retiree, I have more time for my passion, that is growing special garlic and frogotten veggies. I grow totally organic but I am not certified because I have not done my homework yet to obtain that certification. I grow on a small scale, but with love.

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