30 Garlic Tips

Learn some helpful garlic tips including: planting, cultivating, harvesting, storing and using.

| April/May 1998

There's really no reason not to plant garlic in your garden. It's easy to grow, even easier to eat and easiest of all on your arteries, according to a rash of recent medical data. Plus, garlic is an effective guard plant that can keep pests and fungi away from your other flowers and vegetables.

Whether you're already sold on the stinking rose or are curious about trying something new, here's a collection of garlic tips from growers and connoisseurs to keep you reeking — that is —reaping, for seasons to come!

Planting Garlic

If in a mild region, plant cloves in late September to mid-October. If in a cold region, plant in early spring, or as soon as the ground is workable.

Divide the bulbs into cloves only when ready to plant; early separation lessens yield.

Use bulbs that are large and firm. Make sure there are no soft spots or mildew on the cloves.

Plant in a sunny location.

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