Gardening Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

Reader Contribution by Mike Lieberman

People often dismiss gardening as an expensive hobby that they can’t afford. While that can be true, it doesn’t have to be. There are way to make gardening cheap.

Here are some resources that are available no matter where you live to lessen the financial burden of growing your own food.

  • Local Department of Sanitation or Office County Extension Either look them up on the web or give them a phone call. You might be surprised what is offered.  There may be free events and programs during the year. They also might have some giveaways such as compost and mulch. Most cities usually offer compost bins at a discount to their residents as well.
  • 5-Gallon Containers There are plenty of places that you can get containers to start your garden. Some include farmers markets, delis and restaurants. You’ll either be able to get them for free or $1 each.

    Soda Bottles Sadly, soda bottles are everywhere. It’s not like you have to drink soda in order to get some. I’ve gotten some from the recycling bin of my apartment or from friends and relatives. You can use them to make hanging soda bottle planters or self-watering containers made out of a soda bottle.

    Coconut Shells Once you crack open a coconut and use the milk and meat, you can then repurpose the shell to plant some shallow rooted veggies such as lettuce.

    Cafes and Coffee Shops Your local cafe and coffee shops are usually more than likely to be willing to give you their used coffee grinds. The grinds works great as a fertilizer and help to feed the plants. They also make a great addition to your compost.

    Free Seeds Look online for local seed swapping event or clubs. You also might find some where you can exchange with others in other parts of the country.

    These are just six ways that you can cut some costs on gardening and should be available no matter where you live.

    What are some other ways to make gardening cheap?

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