What Are Your Favorite Gurus for Gardening Advice In Your Region?

Reader Contribution by Staff

It’s a big country out there, with huge variations in soils, climates, and pest problems. Having LOCAL sources for advice can sometimes make a big difference in the success of your gardening efforts. Invaluable tips can come from a neighbor who has been gardening in your microclimate for years and years. Thankfully, some of those folks maintain amazing websites and/or have written terrific books, etc. One that came to our attention recently is Mike and Roxie’s Vegetable Paradise: Tips, Tales and Other Brave Stories About Growing Food in Kansas City, an informative and attractive 130 page book by veteran Midwest gardeners Mike Hendricks and Roxie Hammill. If you know similar regional/local gardening resources, please share them here. Tell us where you live, and what resources you trust most for gardening advice about your region. Post your suggestions in the comments section below.