Early-Spring Planting at the Office

Reader Contribution by Emily Glover
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The average temperature is 61 degrees Fahrenheit for March 29 in Topeka, Kan. Today, it topped 80 degrees for the umpteenth time this month. To say it’s been an unseasonably warm winter would be an understatement.

But, around the MOTHER EARTH NEWS offices, we’re taking full advantage of this summer-esque weather by getting an early start on our planting. Rather than taking our daily walk, a group of us changed into gardening clothes and dug our hands in the dirt of the garden in front of our office.

On one side of the garden, we turned up the soil to bury some seed potatoes. For my little patch of land, I had to dig a few shallow trenches for pea seeds. We decided to go with ‘Oregon Giant’ sugar snap peas, which were the unanimous favorite in the office last year. Another top pick was ‘Butterhead’ lettuce, which I planted in a nearby bed. We rounded out today’s planting with three different varieties of beets.

With garlic, onions, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and more already growing in the garden, it looks like we’ll have a great yield later this summer.

I would say that we can’t wait to harvest and take a bite of our produce, but we already got to sample some winter-planted carrots today.

Although they weren’t too sweet, they made up for it with cuteness. These, my friends, are how baby carrots should look.

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