Allergy Free Landscaping Trees

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Allergy free landscaping tree.
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Female deodar, cedar trees.

Learn about planting allergy free landscaping trees.

Many commonly planted landscape trees are male trees that produce large amounts of pollen, but no fruit or seeds. While these “litterfree” male trees seemed more desirable than female trees, Thomas Ogren argues in his new book Allergy-free Gardening (see MOTHER’s Bookshelf, Page 104) that planting so many pollen-producing trees around our homes has dramatically increased our exposure to irritating tree pollen. Ogren suggests planting allergy free landscaping trees. Here is Ogren’s Top 10 list of pollen-free landscape trees.

1. Female juniper trees
Also called Red Cedar; example: “Pendula Virdis”

2. Female (fruit-bearing) Chinese Pistache trees

3. Female Ash trees
Example: “Summit” ash

4. Female Red Maple trees
Example: “Autumn Glory”

5. Nonflowering olive cultivars
Example: “Swan Hill” olive

6. Female mulberry trees
Example: Weeping mulberry

7. Fruit-bearing, female Hollies
Example: “Sparkler” English holly

8. Female poplars
Example: “Theves” poplar

9. Female deodar cedar trees

10. Female Silver Maple trees
Example: “Northline” silver maple