Homesteader to Restauranteur: 4 Ideas to Spark your Inner-Food Entrepreneur

| 6/14/2017 12:45:00 PM

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Are you a homesteader with a dream launching your own food business one day?  Perhaps a restaurant showcasing farm to table fare? Trish Watlington, owner of The Red Door Restaurant, shares four of her success strategies that launched her from backyard gardener to San Diego’s leading local food entrepreneur. I'd also call her an “ecopreneur,” given her focus on the environment and making the world a better place.

“Figure out what you really love and then figure out how to leverage that into a business,” shares Trish Watlington with a warm smile. This is the welcoming energy you’ll feel when you walk through the front door of The Red Door restaurant (which, of course, has a bright red front door), her relaxed restaurant where “farm to table” literally means the majority of produce comes year-round from her urban farm in San Diego, which Chef Miguel Valdez then creates memorable seasonal fare like Herbed Gnocchi with Squash Pomodora Sauce.

But what Watlington really serves up on her menu goes beyond the plate. A passionate champion for supporting the green business and local food scene in San Diego, she is an inspiring open book of information and resources to support others in getting started. 

Watlington shares four insights to inspire you on your food entrepreneur journey:

Learn from the journey: “When my husband and I were newly married in the early 1980s, we followed the classic homesteading dream and moved to 32 acres in Maryland, truly the middle of nowhere,” she reminisces.  “We had a big garden, an orchard and ewes that ended up so friendly they turned into our ‘puppies’ and sat in our lap.”

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