Spring 2018 Gardening Must-Have Plants and Tools

| 4/10/2018 3:32:00 PM

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For this spring season, Home, Garden and Homesteading is walking eager gardeners through the latest in gardening news. From the latest seeds to the newest technology and tools for your garden, they make sure you are set to get your garden started this spring.

cherryThis season, Nature Hills is featuring their Romeo Dwarf Cherry Tree seeds. Because not every yard is large enough to compensate a full-sized cherry tree, Nature Hill has created a cherry tree species that is compact enough to fit in any garden, so that everyone can enjoy the pleasures of having a cherry tree as a part of their landscape.

The Romeo cherry tree only grows to about 6 to 8 feet tall, making it a much smaller variation perfect for a smaller garden space. This cherry tree produces tart cherries that grow to the full-size of a cherry from an average-sized cherry tree, with a deep crimson color.


roseJackson and Perkins have created a new hybrid tea rose for a powerful cause. Representing the fight against heart disease, the ‘Grateful Heart’ rose will not only add to the beauty of gardens this spring, it will also help to aid the American Heart Association in its fight against heart disease in America. For every ‘Grateful Heart’ bush sold, a 5-dollar donation will be given to the American Heart Association.

The ‘Grateful Heart’ bloom sits in thick 14 to 18-inch, and grows to a full 5-inch flower. Plant ‘Grateful Heart’ in a garden to honor and remember friends and family suffering from heart disease, or give it as a gift to honor someone you know.

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