Start a Traveling Lemonade Stand for Extra Money

By running a high-quality, traveling lemonade stand, you and your friends or family can see the states while making extra money with this alternative summer job. Originally titled "An Ideal Fun Way for a Commune to Make Heavy Bread" in the May/June 1970 issue of Mother Earth News.

| May/June 1970

It's not hard to organize a commune, "tribe", "family" or loose co-op these days. Everyone — it seems — knows of, has lived in or has eyes for some such federation.

Bread, to finance the venture, is another matter. Usually, nobody has any money or any idea of a groovy way to get the loot to convert the bus or buy the land or do all the other things so dear to the heart of the average communard.

And don't start giving me that rap about "Comes the Revolution, we won't need money" because I've heard it all before. This is still before the Revolution, brother, and even the Berkeley tribe needs rent money. I don't see Abby Hoffman or Jerry Rubin turning down those heavy speaking fees and book royalties.

So, OK. Wouldn't it be great if there was only some way for the whole "family" to work together, when and where they chose, for as long as they wanted, in a fun atmosphere while doing a good ole-timey down-home gig and still make some heavy bread with almost no investment?

Well, interestingly enough, I noted just such an operation last summer ... not once, not twice ... but three times. In every case (including — and most especially — the one operated by gentle freaks), it was doing a land office business. What is it? A lemonade stand.

Yeah, I know. That brings to mind a vision of little kids on the front lawn. Believe me, this is an entirely different proposition.

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