'Only the Rocks Live Forever': Exploring Healing Energy in Stones and Crystals

| 10/4/2016 12:07:00 PM

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One of my favorite lines from the James Michener mini-series Centennial is one he attributes to the Arapahoe. The line serves to segue from their native tongue to English during the first episode which shares the title, “Only the rocks live forever.” That idea has always brought me a peaceful feeling—that there are stalwart witnesses to time passing, though the rest of us are temporary blips in comparison. I like the idea that others feel life in the rocks.

With this in mind, it was a natural fit for me when our family dog passed away recently to choose to honor her with a medicine wheel garden atop her resting place. A good friend let me scavenge the rock pile on her farm for the anchor rocks and those lining the beds which I’ll be planting in the springtime. The large rock at the bottom of each photo in the collection above marks north. I find myself drawn to this new garden each day and love that it feels like a new reflection of my Sacred Fire Circle.

Perceiving Healing Energy in Rocks

My love affair with rocks began during childhood searches for agates and wishing rocks along the beaches and riverbanks in the Pacific Northwest. As I aged, I added perfect skipping stones to my quest. Each find brought a certain amount of glee and victory with it since no two were alike and most were just elusive enough to make each hunt a challenge.

Fast forward to a time in my mid-forties. I was visiting a dear friend who lives on a mountaintop in northern Georgia. She has a lovely three acres of wooded paradise through which she has cleared a lovely walking path. I was enjoying an afternoon stroll when a small rock gently accosted me. At first, I kept walking. But the darn thing would not stop calling to me so I went back and picked it up.

Imagine my surprise when I felt a light buzzing energy emanating from the stone. I’d never felt such a thing. If it hadn’t been so persistent and accompanied by such a strong intuitive pull, I likely would have assumed I was imagining things.

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