How to Forecast Weather

Homesteaders can learn how to forecast weather and identify weather indicators using this helpful weather guide.

| July/August 1971

 Men judge by the complexion of the sky
The state and inclination of the day . . .


O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the fact of
the sky; but can ye not discern the signs
of the times?


When you're into farming it seems like all you do is wait for it to rain or wait for it to stop . . . and even if you're city-bound, a lot of what you do depends on the weather. While some folks argue that we ought to take pleasure in whatever the climate brings, there are times when its nice to know in advance what ol' Mother Nature has in store for weather forecast conditions tomorrow or next Wednesday . . . and that can be arranged quite easily once you know the secrets of down-home weather forecasting.

To an extent, you know, we're all weather forecasters already. If the clouds are dark and heavy and the wind feels and smells a certain way, we assume its going to rain. And it usually does. Complete, accurate weather projections are just an extension of this. Homesteaders observe and we draw conclusions from our observations.

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