Climate Shift Is Already Impacting the East Coast: What You Need to Know

| 6/13/2018 9:40:00 AM

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Climate shift is a phenomenon that people often think about in abstract terms. Even if they accept that it’s happening, they frequently assume its effects won’t be evident during their lifetimes. However, scientific evidence is proving them wrong, especially on the East Coast of the United States.

Coastal Infrastructure Is at Risk Due to Sea Level Rise

Developers frequently built coastal infrastructure on low-elevation land to save money. However, analysts warn that power plants, wastewater treatment facilities and transportation networks could get shut down due to extensive flooding that’s becoming increasingly likely to happen due to climate change.

Scientists point out that as sea levels rise, the amount of rainfall that has to occur before significant problems happen goes down. Plus, the rain or snow generated by storms is different than it once was. Small storms bring the same amount of moisture as larger ones did, while the bigger ones are more intense than ever.

During March 2018 alone, national weather data indicates that four nor’easter storms hit the East Coast region. Plus, some cities in that area had more snow during March than the preceding winter months combined.

Researchers say climate change is not the only factor that contributed to those storms, but it likely gave momentum to their intensity. They bring up the exceptionally high ocean temperatures in areas off the Atlantic coast as an element of climate shift that could cause higher-than-normal snowfalls.

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