Walk to School, Grow Up Healthy

Reader Contribution by England Porter
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Children today are brought up in a world of fast internet and slow people. A species that has literally walked from one side of the globe to the other now finds it a chore to move from couch to car. Physical education is being cut from school curriculums and budgets, and television and video games are essentially the new national pastime. It’s no wonder North America is facing an obesity epidemic in both children and adults. How do we change the tide of physical stagnation? We start walking! And we teach our kids to walk, too.

On Oct. 3, 2012,  International Walk to School Day celebrates human movement. Walking to school doesn’t just help save on the gas bills, it teaches habits of healthy living. Imagine how differently a child’s day might go if they get their blood rushing and their brain going before they even make it to the classroom.

If you want to be part of a greater movement, need help with ideas to promote it, or just want to learn more about how walking to school can make a difference, visit the Walk to School Day website.