The Ripple Effect

Reader Contribution by Shawn Hosford
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I have been thinking and conversing a fair amount lately about things I think we can do to raise each other up – brainstorming things that could make the world a more equitable place for all.

In these conversations several have said “my small actions won’t be noticed or change anything”. To that I say, I think they can, will, and more importantly, what would be the harm in trying?!

To implement large scale change I suggest we start being more mindful of the following five things:

1. Think about where and how you spend your money, it counts. For me this means using a credit union not a wall street bank. Shopping for food at local farmers markets, co-ops, CSA’s, and if possible supplementing all of this with my own crops. Knowing my brands. Giving little to multinational/1% brands and shopping instead at small businesses. There are many resources to help in this area like the phone app Buycott.

2. Think about your long term investments. Buy stock from companies who share your values. My personal values translate to corporate practices that: care for the earth and pay employees a livable wage for a honest days work.

3. Pay off your debt. I am still working on this one, it is mightily important to me. The more or us that live debt free the less control outside influence can have on our lives.

4. Consume as little as possible. Living lightly on the planet will allow us to stretch, reuse, and replenish our resources. Turning lights out and being mindful to water use makes a difference.

5. Help a co-worker, neighbor, or service professional. By this I mean, if a coworker or neighbor needs help and you can lead a hand or resources, jump in with both feet. When dinning out, getting a hair cut, or any other type of service, tip well. Carly and I were talking about this the other day and her new stance is why not 30 percent?! Her thinking is that if we help lift each other up financially we are helping out the 99 percent and by doing that we are raising all boats.

If you have anything to add to my list, please list it in the comments below so that others can see an important impact you have discovered.

After I had written this, I read Anneli Carter-Sundqvist’s blog on Ways to Increase Our Self-Sufficiency on the Mother Earth site. I highly recommend her post for more good ideas.

What do you do to help move the 99 percent forward? Can you live with making some changes in your life to help the good of the whole? Can you trust that your ripple effect will make an impact?

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