The Power of Your Smile

Reader Contribution by Staff
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Take a look in the mirror.  

Right now.

Standing in front of the mirror now? 

What do you see?

Are you smiling or frowning or just staring blankly at your visage?

If not smiling, or if smiling comes hard to you, here’s what I’d like to suggest as part of your New Year’s Revolution.

If you are not smiling, do it right now.  If you are smiling, smile more broadly

You will very likely find that the simple act of smiling, actually makes you feel a little better.

Try it. See if it doesn’t invite just a wee bit of sunshine into your heart and mind.

Try smiling more today. When walking down the street, shopping, working, visiting with friends, whatever…paste a silly smile on your face and watch your world change before your eyes.

Do you need to fake a smile?


I find myself smiling spontaneously as I go through my days. How does that occur?

By just thinking about how well things are going for me.

Count your blessings as you move through life, and smile.

You can also evoke a smile by concentrating on the pleasant visual and auditory stimuli brought on by sunshine, blue skies, billowy clouds, gentle breezes, songbirds…

Smile about the little things that grace your life.

You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel day in and day out, letting in the light and donning a smile of appreciation.

And you’ll be amazed at how many people smile back at you, brightening your day and theirs.

Previously chilly stares will be replaced by warm, inviting smiles – a touch of magic between complete strangers.

Smiling is highly infectious.

Your heart will be fuller as you go through life with a smile on your face and your mind will relax a little and you’ll spread kindness and warmth through the world making it a better place. The simple act of smiling will help create a happier world.

You will find that people will react to you differently, as you smile your way through your day. Smiling sends good vibes and helps connect us with others: shop keepers, convenience store operators, receptionists, your favorite grocery packer, even strangers on the street.

Try it today, and see if you don’t agree that this simple, rather silly advice brightens your life.

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