Sweet Ways to Thank an Herbalist on April 17th (with Free ‘Thank You’ Cards)

Reader Contribution by Marlene Adelmann and Herbal Academy Of New England
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The art and practice of herbalism is passed within communities from teacher to student, parent to child, and friend to friend. Free sharing of this wisdom is what keeps herbalism alive and vibrant.

Herbalists share herbal knowledge to help others maintain wellness, and as teachers they have an extensive scope of influence within their community.

April 17th is Thank an Herbalist Day! This is a special day to reach out and share gratitude with herbalists who have touched your life. This year at the Herbal Academy, we are celebrating the teacher in every herbalist!

Herbalists, whether novice or professional, bring the knowledge of plants into their communities. They teach and empower folks towards wise self-care, sharing information about the wonders of herbs, and often inspire people to begin walking their own path as an herbalist.

Free ‘Thank an Herbalist Day’ Cards

Do you have a special herbalist in your life? Someone who has inspired you or helped you in a time of need? Maybe it’s a friend, an herbal teacher, or even an author of a beloved herbal tome. Send them a little note of appreciation using one of these free cards, or share a specially crafted herbal gift to express your thanks for what they have taught you and shared with you. A thank you means so much.

It is easy to say “thank you” with these beautiful cards. Download and print this card below or grab one to share a little appreciation online with a favorite herbalist! Find more FREE Thank an Herbalist Day cards here to print and share.

Say ‘Thank You’ With the Gift Of Herbs

Feel inspired to share a gift of appreciation? Herbalists adore receiving herbs and homemade treats lovingly crafted with plants! Craft up a batch of a personal signature creation or perhaps something that you learned to make from a favorite herbalist. Then enjoy giving your creation to a treasured herbalist in your life. They will love it! If you are looking for suggestions, we have gathered up some easy to make gift ideas to inspire you.

Home-Crafted Herbal Honeys

Bringing herbs into the kitchen is a magical way to enjoy tasty plants in everyday cuisine. Culinary treats such as herbal honeys, vinegars, and salts are a pure pleasure to have around and a great way to say thank you!

Springtime is perfect for creating herbal vinegars and honeys from springtime herbs. A beloved herbalist favorite this time of year is honey infused with fragrant violets (Viola odorata).

To make this divine treat, simply fill a clean, dry jar with fresh violet flowers and cover with honey. Place a lid securely on top. Check back on your tasty honey after a couple of hours, add more honey if necessary, and push the flowers down so they stay submerged under the honey.

A butter knife or chop stick is a perfect tool for this. Your honey is ready to eat and enjoy right away or you can let the flowers infuse for a week before gifting.

More Herbal Gift Ideas

1. Herbal honeys. Make this tasty sage honey or if you are crafting with children check out this for tips on making herbal honey for kids. Yum!

2. Vinegar infused with tasty herbs is another super easy and tasty treat to make. You can use fresh seasonal spring herbs or whatever appealing herbs you have on hand. Learn more with this helpful guide to making herbal vinegars.

3. Salt infused with the goodness of herbs. These take moments to whip up and add a special touch to any kitchen table. Find lots of recipes and ideas here.

How to Make Dandelion-Flower Salve

Used topically, herbs bring a little special loving care to body and mind. What better way to show appreciation than to share a jar of salve or an herbal bath sachet? Springtime brings vibrant, yellow dandelions which can be found popping their heads up everywhere. Dandelions make a delightful base for springtime body care and a happy treat to share. Use them to create a batch of dandelion flower soap or salve!

1. To make dandelion flower salve, harvest dandelion flowers from a safe place that has not been sprayed with herbicides. Spread the flowers out to wilt for a day or two. This will remove some of the moisture content from the flowers.

2. Then pack the flowers into a clean, dry jar and cover with olive oil.

3. Place the jar in a pan or crockpot with a couple of inches of water. Heat slowly over low heat for at least 4 hours, making sure the water doesn’t boil or completely evaporate.

4. Strain the flowers from the oil.

5. Add the strained oil to a dry, clean pan and then add one ounce of beeswax for every cup of oil. Heat gently until the beeswax is melted and stir to incorporate.

6. Pour into containers and enjoy! Be aware that beeswax is very hard to clean off of pans and knives so it is good to have dedicated equipment set aside for just this purpose.

Follow these links for more information about how to make herbal infused oils and salves.

More Herbal Body Care Ideas

This lavender infused oil recipe is truly like heaven in a bottle while this warming ginger cayenne salve can help to soothe away aches and pains, and this no-crack day lotion recipe is full of therapeutic essential oils that are very nourishing to dry skin.

Whip up a batch of a special soap to share. Learn how to make your own soap or enjoy making a beautiful springtime violet leaf soap.

Share the gift of an herbal bath with either of these simple bath recipes: soothing oatmeal bath or simple lavender bath salts.

The Gift of Plants

Sometimes, the best gift is found in the simplicity of sharing living plants and seeds. And really what herbalist doesn’t love a vibrant, living plant? Perhaps choose an herb to gift that has special significance to your relationship.

Did the herbalist inspire or help you with a particular herb? Plants are also known to have symbolic meanings, such as rosemary for remembrance and sage for wisdom, and a gift of one of these plants can help you express that sentiment.

‘Thank an Herbalist Day’ Sale from The Herbal Academy

In celebration of Thank an Herbalist Day, the Herbal Academy is offering a discount of 15% off online herbal courses as well as The Herbarium membership! If you have been considering studying herbalism, this is the perfect time to get started.

Herbal Academy programs offer multiple levels of comprehensive herbal education, ranging from very beginner to the advanced professional level. Set your foundation in theIntroductory Herbal Course, explore herbal therapeutics for body systems in greater depth in theIntermediate Herbal Course, prepare for business endeavors in theEntrepreneur Herbal Course, and delve into complex clinical topics in theAdvanced Herbal Course. Through the Herbal Academy’s training paths, students will gain the knowledge and experience required for careers as professional herbalists, and with additional hands-on training, clinical herbalism. All programs are held online, and designed with an international classroom in mind.

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