Reaching My Goal

Reader Contribution by Shawn Hosford
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I like setting goals and better yet I love achieving them. Because I am not a sports person and never competed in sports, not even as a kid, competition seems a bit odd to me. But if you were to frame competition as a goal I’d totally understand the mission. Today I have just archived one of my goals. I set a personal goal of writing a weekly blog for MOTHER EARTH NEWS for the duration of a year. 

Last week when I was considering where I might take my weekly musings next, on how I would shape my next goal, I asked two of the folks at MOTHER EARTH NEWS for advice. I also thanked them for their patience in the past when I wrote about topics that could be considered off-topic for their audience. Each of their responses to my query and gratitude were kind and thoughtful.

What I know to be true is that the writing I have done over the past year has allowed me to dig deeper for meaning in my life. I have clarified where I stand and why. Most importantly, the writing has allowed me the space to step back and gain wider perspectives. 

Coming to the conclusions above, I plan to continue writing on a monthly basis for MOTHER EARTH NEWS. In this next series, I will do my best to stay more narrowly focused on topics about our Mother Earth, wildlife, food, and relevant books or movies. This may be difficult as I do enjoy wandering and wondering.

While mulling over what was to come, it became equally clear that my other topics of reflection would continue to need an outlet, so I will share those on The Invisible Parenting Handbook Facebook page. I hope to write heart and soul reflections several times a month on that page.

As with any goal, I believe you always need others to help you achieve them. So as I shifts gears to this next chapter I would like to thank both Heidi and Kale from MOTHER EARTH NEWS for their guidance with blog titles and general smoothing out of the rough bumps of my blogging road. A big thank you to Carly and Kelly my diligent and clear minded editors who took my dyslectic thoughts and helped them to be digestible. Thank you to Blythe, my sister, who occasionally helps with photos and always reposts my MOTHER EARTH NEWS links to my Facebook page. Mostly, thank you to all of you who have spent your valuable time reading my blogs. As you know, I believe time is our most valuable commodity, thank you for sharing yours with me, and sharing my blog posts with others when you felt they were useful.

For me it takes a village to achieve anything of value in my life. Thanks to one and all in my village!

What goals are important to you? Do you need other to help you achieve them? Once you have archived a goal do you set another one?

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