Stanford Organic Food Study Makes Waves

A study that concluded there is no health benefit to eating organic foods prompted consumers to ask questions and received a round of rebuttals.

| April/May 2013

Are organic foods healthier? Are they worth the extra money? In the wake of a media free-for-all surrounding a September 2012 study by researchers at Stanford University, many people were left asking these questions.

While the Stanford findings did point out that organic food can lower one’s risk of exposure to pesticides by 30 percent, many media outlets focused instead on the part of the study that concluded there is no significant health benefit to be gained from eating organics. Shortly after the first round of articles and blog posts hit, a second round — this time made up of impassioned rebuttals to the Stanford study — showed up.

Read this collection of responses from sustainable food advocates, in the article, A Collection of Responses to Stanford's Organic Food Study: Organic Food Is Worth It.

2/10/2014 4:47:35 AM

As we all know the demand of organic food have gone up to a great extent and there are many people those who want to prefer these organic food products. But still there are few things about which can't be ignored such are they are really healthy. In a research it was found that they are not so much healthy in comparison to other foods as well as there costly also. While we are purchasing any food products we should be careful regarding our health also.

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