Kindness by the Dozen

Reader Contribution by Shawn Hosford
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Simple pleasures are such a gift. A dozen home grown eggs from a generous coworker was a beautifully simple and nourishing end to this past very hectic and harried work week.

Some weeks are harder than others. When these types of weeks pop up I try to make a persistent practice of gratitude, reminding myself of life’s abundance and my aptitude to persevere.

Julie’s eggs are a perfect example of this abundance. When she presented her gift, she opened the carton and told me about each of the eggs and which chicken variety laid it. My favorite egg was pale green and seated atop some wood shavings, distinguished. As she described her chickens and their eggs I felt closer then I have ever felt to an egg and the nourishment it would be providing. I was instantly reminded of how easy it is to disconnect ourselves from our food sources. While I love our summer CSA and sunny weekends at the local farmers markets, my winter hibernation mode doesn’t initiate that connection as often. Thank goodness for Julie’s eggs.

Over the years, Mark and Carly have talked about getting some chickens and collecting our own backyard eggs. Each time the subject comes up I think about the work attached and opt out. We have the good fortune of having backdoor neighbors who raise chickens, so I get to hear them in the morning, without the maintenance, and their sounds always make me smile. That said, I still don’t envision any chickens in my foreseeable future. Luckily, I do have a dear friend who just committed to 76 more chickens, so I will now be able to add home grown eggs to my list of sustainable practices.

As I was pondering the small farm idea, I got to thinking about our own family’s communal offerings. Our homegrown gifts come in the summer in the form of figs, green gage plums, and fresh cut flowers. In the past, I have shared these gifts here and there but not with as much intention as Julie does. This summer when I go to share our home grown gifts, I plan to be more mindful of how I share them.

I love it when a seemly “small” act of kindness can set off a grateful reflection of the abundance of blessings in my life. Thank you so much for the blessing Julie. I plan to pay it forward.

What do you share with others? Can you share any home grown gifts? How do other people’s gifts effect you?

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