Acclaimed hair designer and educator Mary Beth Janssen aims to help readers achieve harmony in both mind and body with Naturally Healthy Hair (Storey Publishing, 1999). Jansenn has long been a voice for the integration of health and beauty, and many of her recipes call for the uses of organic ingredients and forgotten knowledge. These two charts, excerpted from Chapter 6, show that when it comes to choosing healthy ingredients for natural shampoo, there are many splendid options.

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Naturally Healthy Hair

Healthy Ingredients for Natural Shampoo

When making your own hair care formulas (or purchasing them from the store), you want to be sure that the ingredients you choose to use are the right ones for your particular hair condition. Many recipes call for a generic oil. That means that it’s up to you to decide what your hair needs. Some guidelines are below. Remember to look for natural, organic oils when picking healthy ingredients for natural shampoo.

Base Oils