Friends Enrich Our Lives

Reader Contribution by Shawn Hosford
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I have seen it said that happy couples live longer and I believe that’s true. I also think good friends add to our lives in emotional richness, depth, and fullness.

In the past three days Mark and I have broken bread with: a couple that we travel and spend time in the mountains with, some childhood friends of Mark, and a man that I have known for forty plus years. It has been a weekend of enjoying my passion for feeding my loved ones and enjoying the fellowship of friends and family.

When I overbooked this weekend by planning to feed one couple dinner on Friday night, a group of friends breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday to two more folks, I knew I would be spending some ample time in the kitchen. Mark would be doing many loads of dishes, with the help of our friends. What I didn’t know is I would be receiving the gift of reflecting on how rich our lives are with the friends that we are surrounded by. If I had the opportunity to string together more time with our loved ones I would have many more meals to prepare in the coming days. If only if had the time, energy, and resources. Someday I trust I will.

The thing I love about breaking bread with my family and friends our sharing in nourishing our bodies. I am grateful for an abundance of fresh organic fruits and veggies, specialty foods like cured meats, fresh seafood, and home grown meat that are humanly raised and delightfully flavorful. To enjoy friendships with the same intricacies and delight as I do food is altogether another gift. To be able to talk about politics, and other powerful topics, in a trusting space with folks who don’t always share my views is exceptionally educational. As the presidential election season heats up, I imagine I’ll have many more of these conversations in my future.

Mark and my friendships are diverse in time known, perspectives on life, and places we have been and plan to go. The thing that I believe ties these friendships together is respect for one another, the sharing of time and resources, and history with each other as well as our willingness to help each other in our hours of concern or need. I am thankful for the great diversity we comprise in community.

What are the qualities you look for in your friendships? Can you make more time to break bread with your loved ones? What topics will you be sharing and enriching each others lives with as you break bread?

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