Cleaning with Essential Oils

Reader Contribution by Allison Martin

 The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR is in full swing here at Seven Springs Resort in Pennsylvania, where Natural Home & Garden magazine and Bon Ami are sharing tips for cleaning with essential oils. Adding essential oils to unscented natural cleaners such as Bon Ami’s Free & Clear Dish Soap, Free & Clear Liquid Cleanser and Free & Clear All-Purpose Cleaner lets you choose your scent and boosts your cleaners’ power, according to the two groups. For example, ginger essential oil is antiseptic and antibacterial, while rosemary has disinfecting and antibacterial properties. Both are stimulating, as well.

Bon Ami is even conducting some informal research at the fair, with an interactive activity at their booth. Fair-goers can vote for their favorite essential oil blend, which will then be a possible candidate for a new Bon Ami scent. Vice President of Brand Development Carolyn Beaham West is talking to attendees about the essential oils blends, which include herbal lime zest, lavender flowers, watermint and rose, mandarin ginger, chamomile and cucumber, and vanilla wood.

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