How Chaga Mushroom Can Help You Be Healthy

| 1/20/2015 10:20:00 AM

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Chaga mushroom – Inonotus obliquus – the birch loving mushroom that does not look like one, is an ancient remedy that has been valued for its many health benefits for centuries. You will find it while walking through temperate forests looking for encrusted black formations on wounded or dying white birch trees. The sterile and cork like mycelium grows out of remaining tree cavities after storms and other impacts break branches, as if to cover the tree's wound and protect it from invading micro organism. A tree and its chaga companion can co-exist for many years and the mushroom can be harvested several times over the course of time.

Before harvesting anything, be it in the wild or in my garden, especially before I harvest any kind of medicinals, I approach the plant or tree with respect, a prayer of gratitude and a pinch of tobacco as an offering. If you like to read more about how harvesting can be a spiritual practice and deepen your relationship with the natural world, you can read my blog, Wild Crafting: A Plant Meditation.

How to Harvest Chaga

Harvesting chaga without damaging the tree and thus allowing both tree and mushroom to continue to grow requires care and mindfulness and a couple of tools. A small hammer and a chisel can be used to harvest the woody mushroom in large chunks without cutting into the tree wound the chaga is keeping sealed. Please do not use a hatchet or ax and carelessly cut into the bark.

Back home, break and cut the chaga into smaller chunks. It is a very good idea to do that while the amber colored inside is still somewhat soft. After a couple of weeks it becomes hard like a rock and increasingly difficult to work with. Dry the small chunks in a dehydrator or simply spread them out on a paper towel for a couple of weeks and store in a sealed jar in a dark cool place. It will keep its medicinal properties for years.

chaga mushroom on birch

10/14/2015 11:49:34 AM

Chaga is NOT a mushroom, it is a fungus or sclerotium. Would you call penicillin a mushroom, no it is a mold, so what gives??? If you can not get that basic bit of information correct, how lazy have you been with the rest of this article?

4/28/2015 1:16:03 AM

Hi, Nice information! I appreciate Chaga mushroom is consumed mostly in the form of Chaga Extract or chaga tea. Herbalists tend to think that a liquid herbal extract contains more of its medicinal properties than capsule or tablet supplements offer to its consumers. Chaga has adapted agonic and other benefits that can help treat several diseases.let’s take a close look here:

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