Calm Yourself with Skullcap

Reader Contribution by Allison Martin

Are you trying to recover ancient botanical knowledge? You
should be, according to Erin McIntosh, speaking at the Mother Earth News Fair. “Reclaim your birthright,” was the
apprenticing herbalist’s message to fair attendees at The Herb Companion Stage today.

McIntosh offered a starting point to fair-goers in Puyallup for delving into
the natural world of herbal medicine: her favorite herb, skullcap. According to
McIntosh, skullcap is the calming herb to have on hand. She said the herb had a
toning effect on the nervous system, as well as being nutritive and mildly
sedative; not enough to knock you out or make you feel drugged, though.

“I carry skullcap tincture in my bag to have it nearby
wherever I go, and it makes a great tea, too,” says McIntosh. She is the
Communication Manager for Mountain Rose Herbs and an apprenticing herbalist at
Columbines School of Botanical Studies, where she botanizes and wildcrafts
medicinal plants in the magnificent Oregon Cascades. McIntosh also blogs for
The Herb Companion magazine.