7 Aloe Vera Plant Uses

| 10/23/2015 8:39:00 AM

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All my close friends and family members have aloe vera plants of their own (especially after I gave the plants as gifts for Christmas a few years ago). Why? Because of the seemingly endless aloe vera plant uses for natural healthcare in the home.

We all love having fresh aloe on hand. Aloe may be best known for it’s use as a natural treatment for sunburns, but the benefits of aloe extend far beyond helping your skin heal. Learn how aloe can help keep your heart, teeth, digestive tract, and more healthy.

Aloe vera: an impressive medicinal plant with versatile qualities

The aloe vera plant contains an abundance of nutrients that make it incredibly healthy. These include vitamins like A, C, E, and B vitamins. It is also rich in antioxidants, antiseptic agents, immune-boosting compounds, enzymes, anti-inflammatory nutrients, and more.[1] Each of these qualities has beneficial effects in the body, which range from speeding the healing of skin to keeping your heart healthy.

7 Top Aloe Vera Plant Uses

1. Healing wounds. Aloe is an excellent product to apply to wounds to help them heal better. It is a natural antiseptic agent, which helps to keep your wound clean and free of infection; it is anti-inflammatory, which helps aid in the healing process; it stimulates the growth and proliferation of new cells to help rebuild injured tissue; and it can even help reduce pain. Aloe has been an effective treatment for skin wounds ranging from burns (including sunburns) to C-section surgical wounds and more.[2-5] To watch a video on how to use aloe vera for burn treatment, click here.

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