WEB EXCLUSIVE: Charitable Donations for the Holidays

Supporting charities that promote the use and preservation of nature makes for a great, long-lasting and meaningful gift. In place of a trinket or gadget, knowing your gift has helped sponsor a charity means you have helped change the world – ultimately the greatest gift there is. And, as always, donations to all 501(c)(3) programs registered with the IRS are tax deductible. Here is our list of charitable donations that we recommend for this holiday season.

• American Botanical Council – Envisioning a healthier world through herbs, a donation to ABC supports a number of educational programs and scholarships dedicated to the study of herbs for health and their impact on the future of medicine. ABC invites you to provide either financial or in-kind gifts by visiting www.abc.HerbalGram.org

• Herb Society of America – With their motto “For Use and Delight” a donation to The Herb Society of America sponsors public education on herb cultivation and herbal uses past and present as well as funding local events across the country. Donations can be made at www.HerbSociety.org.

• International Herb Association – Building global networks for connecting herb professionals since 1985, IHA programs include standing as a world-wide herb resource center, providing educational opportunities and choosing the Herb of the Year. The IHA encourages you to join today to “Grow Your Business” by visiting www.IHerb.org.

• America the Beautiful Fund – In 1965, the America the Beautiful fund was created to restore and protect the natural beauty of this country with programs in all fifty states. You can donate your time, money or land by visiting www.America-the-Beautiful.org.

• American Horticultural Society – Providing gardeners from across the country with horticultural education since 1922, the AHS connects gardeners from around the world, provides information useful to all skill levels, acts as a resource for any possible gardening subject and serves as a forum for gardeners around the world to share their experiences and events.  Donations can be made at www.AHS.org.

• American Horticultural Therapy Association – “Advancing the practice of horticulture as therapy to improve human well-being” the AHTA stands as an authority on the use of horticulture-based therapy and promotes the advancement of horticulture therapy as a respectable human service program.  Donations can be made at www.AHTA.org.