Product Spot: Herbal Comforts

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Whimsy & Spice
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Herbal Tea at Hand

It’s so easy to overindulge in coffee, when what you really want is a soothing hot beverage. The solution? Carry a selection of herbal teabags with you! We love Organic Chamomile Flowers from TWO LEAVES AND A BUD. Alpine Berry, Organic Peppermint and Organic Lemon Rooibos are great options, too. A 1.3-ounce box (15 bags) costs $7.99. Contact Two Leaves and a Bud at (866) 631-7973;

Always in Good Taste

Baked and packaged with care, these handmade herbal cookies from Brooklyn-based confectioner WHIMSY & SPICE can be shipped straight to your door. The Honey Lavender shortbread and Rose & Black Pepper thumbprint (filled with rose petal preserves) were our favorites. But any of these luxurious desserts would make a wonderful gift. A dozen shortbread cookies costs $8; a dozen thumbprint cookies costs $6.50. Visit

Mint for Your Tea

Brighten your afternoon tea with Peppermint Flavoring Tea Spoons from MELVILLE CANDY COMPANY. Use the spoon-shaped candies to stir fresh mint flavor and sweetness into your steaming tea. Some Herb Companion staffers even skipped the tea and enjoyed the spoons as pepperminty, after-lunch lollipops. Three gift sets (24 spoons) cost $35.76. Contact Melville Candy Company at (800) 638-8063;

Be Prepared

With BEESWORK’S Organic Lavender Lip Balm in your bag, you get herbal aromatherapy and easy beauty care in one product. One tester tossed it in her tote for a weekend trip and reaped relaxing benefits in the airport. For added herbal power, the lip balm also contains jojoba oil, along with ylang ylang and coriander essential oils. A 0.14-ounce tube costs $4.95. Contact BeesWork at (415) 924-7237;

Come to Your Senses

If the aroma of Bai Mu Dan White Tea doesn’t bring you to your senses, its delicate flavor certainly will. A cup of this loose-leaf organic tea will help you handle even the most hectic day. Plus, we loved the Porcelain Steeping Cup–the basket is easy to clean, and it comes free with a purchase of two teas. A 50-gram container (30 to 40 servings) costs $9.50. Contact DRAGON PEARL TEA at (888) 828-7898;

Confection Affection

WOODHOUSE CHOCOLATES crafts delicate, delicious treats with an herbal twist. We loved the Fresh Mint, Quatre Epices (black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove) and Thai Ginger (coconut, lemongrass and ginger). Circulate a selection after dinner or share them over hot cocoa during those first chilly afternoons of the season. A box of a dozen chocolates costs $22. Contact Woodhouse Chocolate at (800) 966-3468;