Young Couple Starts an Off-Grid Homestead from Scratch, Part 1

| 10/13/2015 12:42:00 PM

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Young Woman Homesteader 

In Fall of 2013, I had just relocated to Boulder, Colo., with the company I was working for as a graphic designer. Graphic design is what I went to school for, I had a decent job making $48,000 per year, a rockin’ apartment in the city, a brand new Subaru Legacy, I hiked or snowboarded on the weekends, rock climbed on week nights, and thought I was finally living the life.

However, despite having what I was taught to be “the perfect life,” I was deeply unhappy on the inside. I was becoming increasingly unhappy with my job. It wasn’t the work itself I was growing to despise; it was working a corporate job altogether.

‘Having it All’ but Wanting More

I hated commuting to work, I was bored most of the time despite expending significant amounts of energy to stay motivated, and after doing the math, I was broke at the end of each month despite making $48,000 per year.

I was a chronic consumer and wasn’t able to practice self-sufficiency in any way — I couldn’t even have a garden patio in my 4th-floor apartment. At the rate I was going, I was never going to “get there.” I didn’t see that I would ever own my own home in this location, I didn’t have the freedom to explore self employment so that I could have control over my time, and I felt just overall defeated. I knew I needed to make a change but wasn’t sure what the next step should be. I was hoping that it would become obvious with time.

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